John has helped me immensely over the past year or so…….I have lost about 18kgs and trained for and ran the Sydney Half Marathon. John not only trained with me for the race (some very long runs!!) but helped me with nutritional advice and a training schedule including what to do on my rest days.

Johns approach ensures the weight stays off and my fitness level has remained high even after the hard core marathon training.

Thoroughly recommend John.


My training with John began with a 12 week challenge and resulted in me losing 12cm, 5kg in weight and significantly lowering my stress levels. Yet, if that wasn’t enough I gained strength, muscle tone, energy, confidence, fitness and generally looked and felt healthier.

Having a personal trainer provided me with the motivation I needed to get myself to the gym, so I continued training with John for the next year. During this time I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant and under John’s guidance I continued to train until my 35th week.

John continually tailored my program to suit and managed to always make each session different and interesting. Training with John was never a chore; I looked forward to going every time. Post birth my body has recovered well, my energy levels are good and my motivation to get back to the gym is strong (something I never thought I’d hear myself say!)


I joined the gym as I was not happy with the way I looked and felt, and wanted to increase my exercise regime but knew that I would need a personal trainer to help me achieve my change. In the year since training with John, my stamina and interest in exercise has increased to where I do try to attend organised sessions in the gym, as well as in my personal time and personal training sessions.

Goals are set as to what I want achieve and John has helped me to achieve these with honesty, motivation and friendship. I don’t feel my goals are unobtainable when set, and thankfully they have been reached so far. Tips and information on better eating, exercising on my own and potential supplements to achieve better health and well being are also provided during training sessions.

Having a personal trainer has helped me achieve focus on changing myself- my confidence and self esteem has increased which makes all the hard work worthwhile, and anything achievable. Thankyou john hagar


I had been going to the gym for several years trying to get fit, but really achieving very little. I was feeling very disappointed when a friend recommended John to help achieve my health and fitness goals. Even with my erratic work schedule, thanks to his flexibility and expertise, within a couple of months of training with John, my family and friends had noticed that I had lost a lot of body fat and was showing increased muscle definition.

I can now easily run for an hour or two, my self esteem and social life have improved, many previous body pains no longer exist and I sleep really well at night. John not only provided great attention and encouragement to push myself when working-out, but also heaps of tips to enhance my training and advice on diet too, in a friendly and social environment. Thanks again John!