Spring Clean Your System

Spring Clean Your System

Have lots more energy, better-looking skin and bright eyes by giving your liver a good clean out.

Spring symbolises new life and fresh starts for the wardrobe, garden and for you. In Chinese medicine, the liver is the organ of spring. It gives the marching orders to all the organs in the body, including your skin, so giving it a good clean out will certainly put a spring in your step.

It’s easy to give your body a fresh start. Just set a starting date, write a food plan for a two week cleanse and make time for shopping to ensure you have all the right fresh foods at home.

• Start each day with fresh lemon juice in a glass of hot water.

• Eat less dairy produce.

• Drink a fresh veggie juice before breakfast. To sweeten add green

apple only.

• Eat no more than one serve of red meat each week.

• Have lots of green vegies sprinkled with lemon to help the

absorption of iron.

• Avoid eating processed or pre-packaged food.

• Wok-fry or steam your meals instead of roasting.