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An Apple A Day!

It’s no wonder they’re a symbol of temptation- apples are almost too good to be true.

With new research revealing they are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre, as well as being fat- free and containing no cholesterol, the humble apple should be blushing with pride. A good sized apple (200g) provides a third of your total daily requirements of Vitamin C, and has a s much fibre as three slices of multi grain bread.

A particularly healthy option for urban types, a weekly intake of five apples or more can help protect the lungs from atmospheric pollutants and irritants, including nitrogen dioxide and cigarette smoke. Apples are also high in antioxidants, which slow the ageing process and help prevent the DNA damage behind diseases such as cancer.

With summer on the way, choose the best of the season’s pick, such as Pink Lady, Golden delicious, Fuji, Sundowner and Lady William.

Early Morning Battle Ropes

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  1. Hold each position 1-2 minutes for each side (when applicable).
  2. If pain is present, stop rolling and REST on the painful areas for 20-30 seconds.
  • Resting 20-30 seconds on painful areas will reduce muscular tension and pain.
  1. You can perform SMFR Program 1-2 x daily.



ILIOTIBIAL TRACT (IT Band)Position yourself on your side lying on foam roll. Bottom leg is raised slightly off floor. Maintain head in “neutral” with ears aligned with shoulders. Roll just below hip joint down the lateral thigh to the knee.


Begin positioned as shown with foot crossed to opposite knee. Roll on the posterior hip area. Increase the stretch by pulling the knee toward the opposite shoulder.

Place hamstrings on the roll with hips unsupported. Feet are crossed to increase leverage. Roll from knee toward posterior hip while keeping quadriceps tightened.


Body is positioned prone with quadriceps on foam roll. It is very important to maintain proper Core control (abdominal Drawn-In position & tight gluteus) to prevent low back compensations. Roll from pelvic bone to knee, emphasizing the lateral thigh

TENSOR FASCIA LATAE (TFL)Position the body as described above. Foam roll is placed just lateral to the anterior pelvic bone (ASIS).


Extend the thigh and place foam roll in the groin region with body prone on the floor. Be cautious when rolling near the adductor complex origins at the pelvis.


Position yourself on your side with arm outstretched and foam roll placed in axillary area. Thumb is pointed up to pre-stretch the latissumus dorsi muscle. Movement during this technique is minimal.

RHOMBOIDSCross arms to the opposite shoulder to clear the shoulder blades across the thoracic wall. While maintaining abdominal Draw-In position, raise hips until unsupported. Also stabilize the head in “neutral.” Roll mid-back area on the foam.